Citypocket homepages,

Homepage updating: The webpage can be update via fax or telephone, for example on a monthly basis. In this way, you will be able to guarantee that the information provided about your company to the customers is always fresh. You will also receive your own customer number, through which we will be able to authorise your changes. The changes you make to your homepage will also update the information provided about your company through the telephone information system. The amount of text that needs to be changed will determine the fee you are charged for making the changes.


Citypocket guide
The visitors guide is a pocket-sized booklet divided into different trade sections: Tourism and recreation, culture and events, services as well as shopping. The guide is a small publication that fits in a pocket, but still contains useful information for those who visit your city. The advertisements consist of pictures and text as well as location and map symbols. The visitors guide contains a folded city map as well as other maps and the map symbol shows the number of the map where your company is included. The colour of the location symbol shows the trade section the company belongs to, which means that a visitor is able to easily find different choices with the help of the guide.

For the Citypocket guide, you can choose the size of advertisement that suits you best: a full page, half a page, a quarter of a page or a just a few lines.